Why Choose Us?

Whether you are an established business or an aspiring individual, there will always be times when you need professional writing help.

Pro Writings is professional by name, professional by nature. We aim to take the time, trouble and expense out of checking, changing or creating anything with which you may need help.

Be it a simple spell check and sentence restructuring of your written work; to the often time-consuming task of typing documents; to putting together your business newsletter to reach out to your clients.

Pro Writings can do it all.

Just a few reasons why you should use us



We can work for you at weekends and on holidays, days or evenings. We cater for overseas clients and can provide an overnight service if required. For NZ clients, we will discuss your deadline with you and we can accommodate longer or shorter time frames, subject to project size and current workload.



Our website is a secure site, so you can feel comfortable sending us files via email that may be of a confidential nature. We are bound to you confidentially and will never disclose without your agreement, in any nature, any information you may provide us.



You may choose to employ our services in place of taking on extra staff in the office. With ProWritings, you only pay for our time taken to complete your work; no holiday/sick pay, no employment contracts, no additional office space or equipment. Our rates can be on an hourly basis, page by page basis or per project, depending on your preference and the nature of the work.



We are available at short notice in the event of unexpected workload increases, staff shortages or just needing to free up your staff to undertake important duties elsewhere. There are no contracts to sign locking you in to long term contracts, you can use us when you need, we are not a fixed overhead for your business.