Sarah is a life-saver.  She took my manuscript and turned it into a finished product; for that I’m truly grateful.  Her editing and proofreading skills are honest and accurate.  She is unfailingly respectful when discussing pieces of writing that require more editing than others for them to be easily absorbed by readers. Sarah has a professional manner that walks alongside of you and your project.   She is diligent and consistent so her formatting results in a polished production. 

I highly recommend Sarah as a talented and skilled professional.

Daphne Wells

Inspiritress of Can-do-it-ness, author of “Decide – Choose your own PATH” , https://daphnewells.com

Sarah at PRO Writings have really helped me increased the quality of my writing and my confidence to put my work out there. With English as my second language, it’s great to have a go-to person to help me with the text that I need to be perfect. Sarah is very friendly, professional, and did a great job. I highly recommend her and will definitely be back! Thank you Sarah!

Frida Kabo

LifeSpider Coach & Possibility Explorer, www.fridakabo.com

We engaged Sarah to tidy up a tender document for us and were really impressed with the standard of work returned, and promptness of delivery of work. Would recommend to others.

J SWAP Contractors Ltd

Sarah at PRO Writings reviewed all the copy on my website, doing a thorough job of pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes, opportunities to improve the sentence structure, and areas where the concept wasn’t completely clear.

Sarah was extremely prompt in reviewing all the copy, and the service was so useful. It helped me to focus on particular areas to improve, and generally feel more comfortable about the content on my site.

Elanor Christianson

As a new writer, I was unsure of what to expect from a proof reader. Sarah made this very easy. She completed the proof read and edit of my short story “Exhale”. She completed a proof read, grammar and punctuation check, consistency check and light edit. She completed this is my preferred method of communication and tools, emails and word tracked changed. I really appreciated the aspects she pointed out as either being incorrect or repetitive, as it made sure I could produce a great story for my readers

A. Upton

Sarah checked my CV to bring it into the line with New Zealand standards. With great attention to detail, I received a corrected CV with feedback in a comprehensive form, with explicit and useful remarks.

Mariyka Tiupysheva

I needed someone to proofread and edit a thesis I am currently writing for my diploma, and I emailed the first chapter recently to Sarah. We had agreed on a return date, and a completed edited copy came back the day before. I found the edits Sarah had made were very clear and easy to follow, and the clean copy was also very useful to see how the finished report could be improved. I agreed with her comments and changes and in most cases couldn’t believe how many little typos I had originally missed! It was well worth asking Sarah to help.

Becky Rowe

Sarah read through my CV and a cover letter I had written to apply for a new job. She was able to pick up spelling and grammar mistakes for me and also, she rewrote some of the cover letter so it read better and sounded far more professional. Thank you.

Jemma Lunn