Telling stories is the most-effective way to market your brand

Story-telling in marketing

Do you know the best, most effective marketing tool for your business?


And do you know why that is?

Because people buy from people, and telling your story is the best way to connect with your audience.

Do you know who can teach you how to tell the best story?


And do you know why that is?

Because they have imagination and enthusiasm.

Am I waffling? I’m not surprised, I am into my 17th hour of the day and I have spoken to an adult (my partner) for approximately 22 minutes of the 1020 minutes I have been awake (yes, that’s 17 hours, I used a calculator).

Let me explain. I have four kids, hence the being awake for 17 hours. They get me up early so late nights are the only time I get to sit and either Netflix n chill, or do as I’m doing now; try to do some work.

And about 7 hours into my 17-hour day, I realised, kids make the best story tellers.


This is all I hear. And they make wonderful lead-ins to stories.

“Imagine you’re asleep and Santa comes in to your room.”

“Pretend the triceratops hasn’t seen the T-Rex behind him.”

“Imagine if you could fit into this Lego house.”

“Pretend there’s a race between the blue car and the red car.”

Stories draw you in and engage you

You can’t help but get involved. You can’t help but shut your eyes and snore dramatically waiting for Santa. You can’t help but pick up that triceratops and utter a half roar (what noise did triceratops make – anyone know?) and half scream. You can’t help but peer into the teeny Lego house. You can’t help but cheer on the red car.

And that is what readers of your website will do when you draw them in with your story. They will imagine along with you. They won’t be able to help themselves. And that is when they will want to connect with you.

Just like my 4-year-old son and me; I can’t help myself lying on my back with my feet in the air playing dead because the T-Rex ate me. I can’t help arguing over the red car because it is faster and will win the race. I want to connect with my blue-eyed boy because he draws me in, draws me in with his enthusiasm, his imagination, his infectiousness.

So be like a 4-year-old; make your readers imagine. Make them picture. Make them dream. Draw them in and they won’t be able to help themselves connecting with you.

And that is when the magic will happen

By using words like ‘imagine’ in our website copy, we allow our reader to do just that. It’s natural. It is learnt at a very young age and stays with us always. So, paint a picture for them. Tell them how their lives can be improved if they work with you. How easy their lives would be if they bought your product. How their problem will be solved if they use your service.

You believe it. You know it. Just like my son believes in Santa, just how he knows a T-Rex fights with a Triceratops. He has no problem saying it to me over and over again until I want to connect with him. So have complete confidence and draw your audience in.

Remember, stories connect people emotionally and that strengthens brand loyalty.

So, embrace your inner child, and tell your clients a story!

If you want help with writing your story, I can help. I can weave your story into your website pages, your social media posts, your emails. Contact me and let’s chat.