Proofreading is a vital aspect of any written work, to ensure your writings come across as professional, and clear and concise to the reader.

It can make the difference between writing that communicates successfully with its intended audience and writing that does not.

Typos, grammatical errors or hard to understand sentences can throw doubt on your service, product and reputation.

Well-written and accurate material suggest a professional and reliable service, with a good work ethic; conversely, typos and errors can have a negative impact on your reputation and show a lack of care and attention – not a great advert for business in any sphere!

Key Areas we will focus on improving:



We’ll make sure those little spelling mistakes or typing errors are corrected



We’ll ensure each word is spelled correctly, and in keeping with your preferred language



We’ll look at the way your words work on the page, and cut down any dangling participles



We’ll make sure every full stop, comma, and colon are perfectly placed within your writings



We’ll look at repeated words and phrases, and language used, and ensure content is consistent throughout



We’ll work to curtail wordy or redundant phrases, reduce repetitions and squeeze out those space fillers


Sentence structures

We’ll look at how each sentence reads, and ensure each one is clear and concise


Paragraph phrasing

We’ll work to rephrase any awkward paragraphs into prose that reads clearly and expresses itself fully



We’ll ensure the layout of your work is clear, easy to read, and consistent all the way through


Verb tenses

We’ll ensure verb tenses are consistent, so they are not distracting or confusing your readers

What can we proofread?


We can proofread and edit any electronic file for you, remotely; distance is no barrier. This allows our scope for work to be huge; anything you need read, edited, and perfected, we can do.

We can also proofread and edit any hard copies for you by hand, with our trusty red pen.


Some examples of what we can work on include:


✔ Websites/blogs

✔ Advertising/marketing material

✔ CVs/cover letters

✔ Publications/manuscripts

✔ Business reports/presentations/proposals/contracts

✔ Assignments/course work including reference checking

How do we proofread and edit for you?

We use Microsoft Word’s Track and Change function. This means we can edit, make suggestions to or indeed, heap praise on, your work! All our edits and suggestions are visible to you, allowing you to accept or reject our changes. In this way, you have the final say on any changes to your writings.

You can even choose how these changes are marked up. This can be either in the body of the text, or off to the side, or a combination of both.


We like to work with a Word document; however we can also edit a PDF file if this is what you need. We can either print this off and mark-up by hand, or we can make changes to an online copy.


We can also proofread a handwritten copy and mark-up by hand, if this what you prefer.


We will supply you with two copies of your edited document:

  1. A tracked version of your document, so you can clearly see our changes and comments.
  2. A clean copy, with all of our edits accepted and comments deleted (free of any tracking).

In the case of any ambiguities remaining after accepting our amendments, we may also provide you with a third version, consisting of just our comments. You can then act upon them and delete as you go.


What can we type for you?

We undertake a variety of projects, ranging from typing handwritten recipes and notes, to more complex business reports and high-word documents. We also transcribe audio files into well-written, clear and concise documents.

Anything you may need professionally typed, we can help!

We will undertake the following; if what you require is not listed please do get in touch and we will try our best to help:

✔ Data entry
Audio transcriptions
✔ Inventory typing
✔ Office services
✔ Converting non-editable files/PDFs to Word documents
✔ Recreating handwritten documents online


Content writing is the process of producing a wide variety of unique and engaging content for online use.

The process starts with the important task of researching the subject in question and is followed by an article which not only is interesting, accurate and relevant, it also optimises your SEO to the maximum to ensure your article is easily found online and is free of typos and mistakes.

We will work with you to determine your deadline, subject and any preferences, and create a piece of writing for you that is not only accurate, clear, and compelling, but also is polished to perfection and ready for you to publish.

We can write content for:


✔ Website content
✔ Newsletters
Blog posts
✔ Online articles
✔ Anything else, just ask!