Who is behind Pro Writings. Who is Sarah White?

Who is behind Pro Writings

I am one of those people who always think of the best response, or the right words to say, after the fact.

And not even the funniest one-liner either. Just an ok, oh-she-is-with-us line.

So, it’s no surprise I’ve just thought of a good introduction now to share with you about who I am and how I came to be doing what I am doing.

Sarah White Copywriter and Editor

Most of you reading this know I am a copywriter and copyeditor.

Some of you may know I am also a mum, and a modern-day wife (read: can’t be bothered to organise the wedding and would rather spend any spare funds on tangible things and not just a one-day party).

But not a lot of you know I used to do something completely different for a career – I was a jockey and rode racehorses every day!

Yep, I had a need for speed, a desire for adrenaline, and a wish for death (sometimes!)

I have always ridden horses. Ever since I was a toddler and didn’t even know I wanted to ride, and I have actually been lucky enough to own horses and compete in all different codes with them for three decades now.

But my absolute love is the mighty Thoroughbred horse, and galloping and jumping at speed.

Sarah White Copy Jockey

For years, I rode racehorses at home on the training tracks, and over fences in jump races. And I was far, far better riding them at home than in front of crowds of people watching and wagering money on me.

I would be almost paralysed with fear at the start of a race. It was only the eagerness of the horse that carried me through the starting flags and over that first hurdle! I never really relaxed in the race and never rode at my best. I never even remembered to breathe.

But I loved my horses, the discipline, their power, their awesomeness. I loved the cold mornings when your breath froze on your cheeks and the snorting horses disappeared under the billows of steam from their nostrils.

It was a wonderful time, had its ups-and-downs, was tinged with regret and sadness like any memories. But I do really miss it and part of what I do now is in the hope one day I can get another horse and recapture some of the old me in that way.

Sometimes, I am lucky enough now to gallop a horse around a racetrack, but with four young children and a less-than-willing-body, that treat is few and far between.

Why copywriting and editing?

Why do I now sit at a desk and write words instead, you may be asking?

Well, in a nutshell, priorities. With a family and choosing to live so far away from any grandparents (i.e. babysitters), riding the racehorses is pretty difficult now, due to the unsocial hours and not wanting to get banged up. It’s hard to hang washing out, make dinner, and feed a baby all at the same time with two working arms, let alone with one broken one!

So, (I admit, reluctantly at times), I sit at a desk and try to type at breakneck speed instead. And believe me, it’s not the same adrenaline rush.

But it is worthwhile. And it’s something to be proud of. And it provides for my family.

And I have learnt that what I do now can help others. Others like me, who may have a passion and need their business to provide the lifestyle, the mental wellbeing, the feeling of helping others.

Or a busy, overwhelmed mum just like me, who needs to outsource or get support where she can.

How I can help you grow your business

So, that’s it. Not an exciting story. Not a feel-good tale. Not a passion-calling fable. Just life. And priorities. And responsibilities. And growing-up, I suppose.

But, before you say “pffft, I’m not trusting her to write my deepest desires or awesome offerings”, I do bring some good characteristics to the table.

You are exactly the person I would want to put my story together! You face your fears and still live a big life every day. You have the capacity to help me overcome the scary, hand the baby over, and let’s grow this thing. It will be a wild ride (horses can be fickle) but together we’ll win.

That is what a beautiful person once said to me, and I carry it with me every day, knowing I can make a difference to many, many clients.

Even if I’m still that adrenaline-seeking, tough-as-old-boots, smelling-of-horse girl at heart!

Anyone reading this love horses and riding like I do? I’d love to hear from you!

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