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Daphne Wells, Author of Decide - Choose your own path

Daphne came to me with a roughly-finished first draft of a 36000-word manuscript and asked me to work with her to get her book ready for self-publishing. 

I copy edited and did a line edit, and worked with Daphne through a few rounds of amendments and discussions until I had her manuscript at a stage where I could proofread it and give it the final polish before self-publishing.

At this point, Daphne asked me if I could take the book through the process until it was published, so I formatted, uploaded, worked with her cover designer, and published her beautifully-finished book, in eBook format, AND as a printed paperback.


Wendy Barr, Author of Reading Sense

Wendy came to me with, in essence, a beautifully-illustrated and designed book ready for an edit/proofread before it was published.

Unfortunately, the intricacies of formatting a Word document into a publishable format meant that I had to strip Wendy’s version right back, and get rid of all current formatting, until I just had words on a page.

I then did a thorough copy and line edit, and worked with Wendy through the process of what illustrations/design should stay and what was not needed, until we had a different-looking version of her original manuscript, but one that read well and would publish into an eBook effortlessly.


Dr. Rachel McInnes, author of Values Workbook

Rachel has written an eBook she was publishing for purchase through her website. She is a values-based life coach and offers her insights through eBooks. 

She asked me to copy edit her eBook as she had already published one workbook but it hadn’t had an edit before doing so, so she was aware of the mistakes in that one.

I gave this eBook a thorough copy edit and proofread so Rachel was confident to publish it for her readers to buy.

I worked with Rachel again after this as she came back to me for me to re-write her complete website. A great partnership!

Website Copy:


Dr. Rachel McInnes, The Wellbeing @ Work Dr

I had already worked with Rachel before when I edited an eBook she was publishing, and she came back to me to ask for an audit and subsequent re-write of her website.

After I had looked at her existing website and evaluated what she needed, completely new website copy was decided on.

I created the content for Rachel’s new Home and About pages, and four pages for Services she offers. I worked with her through the process of streamlining and expressing who she is and what she does, and who her clients are. 

Rachel was very happy at the end with her new copy and she was able to take it away and drop it into her website builder herself.

View site here: www.drrachelmcinnes.com


Rob White, Better Water 

Rob asked me to create the content for his new businesses, Better Water, which sells water filtration products and services in the Manawatu area.

He explained what he wanted, as well as Home and About pages, and Services and Products, he wanted some informational pages such as About Water, and a fact-filled Did You Know page. 

I researched and created the content for this new website, and worked with Rob through some amendments until he was really pleased with his new website copy and how it described and complimented his new business.

Rob then was able to take the copy deck and hand it to his web developer to set up as a finished, live site.

View site here: www.betterwater.co.nz


Michelle Gowland, Full Bloom

Case study coming soon...


Brenda Wille, Blue Chair Wisdom

Case study coming soon...

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