Compelling Copy


Great copy doesn't write itself

You’re an uber-busy, successful biz owner; you don’t have the time to tap out powerful words to tell people so.

You wear all the hats already; you can’t stretch yourself too thinly to add one more to the mix.

You want to help your clients; not spend precious time DIYing your words, or waste money signing up to another ‘How To Write Great Copy’ in the hope that some of it sticks in your, quite frankly, frazzled brain.

Sound familiar?

And when you do sit down and get those words onto the screen, you second-guess yourself.

Do they sound authentic? Do they sound like me? Am I coming across too ‘salesy’?

It can be hard to know exactly what to write when you’re so close to your business. It’s hard to step back and see how your words can reflect the stellar work you do. And sometimes, it’s hard to write, full stop.


Stop with the overwhelm

Just like you outsource other parts of your life (for me it’s book-keeping, graphic design, and cleaning) you CAN hand over the headache of writing your copy, too!

Winning Website Words that Convert

You know how important your little piece of real estate in the vast worldwide web is, for attracting potential customers and turning them into actual clients.

You’ve heard of SEO and how vitally important it is to get your website noticed by Google so that you achieve that all-important first-page ranking.

You understand that you are the genius behind your business but that there are some things you need to outsource in order to grow.

Here’s where I come in

I can craft compelling copy for your website, sprinkle in SEO-loving magic words, and help YOU to GROW your business.

I Need Website Words!

Landing Pages to Lead and Sales Pages to Sell

So, you need even more extra-special, double-the-magic, and sharp as a stick copy?

Using the language of your customer, the psychology of selling, and the brilliance of what you offer, we can fast-track your ideal client, straight into your arms.

Hold them close and whisper in their ear, or grab them with both hands and sing alongside them; this is where you can do it.

Give them what they want

Show your clients the way. They need what you offer. They like what they see. And they want YOU.

Remember SEO? It’s important here, too.

I can write long or short form sales pages that are infused with your personality, steeped in your expertise, and contain a hefty dollop of the good stuff (SEO, to you and me).

I Need Sales Pages!

How to work with me

  • Send me an email, or schedule a call. Either way, we’ll discuss who you are, what you do, and what winning copy means for you and I’ll craft some packages and prices tailor-made for you. Once you’ve seen what I have to offer and signed on the dotted line, you need to bring your genius to the party.

  • You fill in my magical Client Brief. There’s a little-known secret to writing winning copy. It's there inside you all the time. You just don’t know how to get it out! But I do. I will dive deeper into your brand values, and customers, and the whys, whats, and whos. Then I start crafting.

  • I get the finished draft back to you, ready for your approval. See your brilliance spelt out in glorious words. After a couple of rounds (if needed) of revisions, you are free to send the winning copy to your designer, or drop it in to your template yourself. Then spread the love, and speak to me about what else I can help you with. Many clients are repeat clients, and that’s the way I like it.




Landing/Sales Pages

  • Packages starting at $649 for short-form landing page or $899 for a long-form sales page
  • FREE editing and proofreading service with any package
  • Add on other extras – ask me about add-ons
  • Long-form or short-form pages available
  • Make those sales and grow your business by grabbing a compelling, converting landing or sales page today

SEO Website Copy

  • Packages starting at $1249 for a 3-page website
  • FREE editing and proofreading service with any package
  • Add on as many pages as you need to - tailor-made packages available
  • I can work with your web designer or with you if you’re DIYing your site
  • Free up days and days of your life by handing over the copywriting to me!

Get your SEO-optimised copy sorted today