Captivating Content


Ever heard the phrase, content is king?

Or Queen, let’s draw a distinction here.

Whatever, there’s no arguing that valuable and rhythmic content is going to get you noticed, and recognised, and respected, which ultimately will lead to more clients and hallowed sales.

And that’s what we all want, right? Followers, engagement, sales. Easy.

So, we’re in agreement. We all want to be producing quality content, golden nuggets, the holy grail of words.

But you don’t have the time.

(Little ones allllllways interrupting!)

You just can’t think what to write.

(Too much noise in this madhouse!)

You’re putting words out there and hearing crickets in reply; aka, silence.

You’re overwhelmed by how much there is to do to stay relevant and heard.

Producing powerful content

You have a decent website, but do you have any blogs published?

Are you neglecting your valuable email list, leaving them out in the cold, not including them in your biz?

Do you even have an email list??


But it needn’t be. You can escape Overwhelmville.

You can take back your timefind your enthusiasm again, and spend more time with clients you have.

Or, get time to tidy your house, find your kitchen worktop again, or build the 300th Lego tower that day.

Whatever you want to do, I can help you do it.

Great content is the foundation of your business.

  • Blogs that get found on Google.
  • Social media posts that encourage interaction and interest.
  • Email sequences that carry your dream client through the know, like, and trust process.
  • Product descriptions so unique and compelling that you'll be buying up your own products.

Make it strong

I can help you with your content, whether it’s an email welcome sequence to introduce your latest lead magnet or 3-months worth of SEO-optimised blogs.

I Need Powerful Content!

You can hand over all of this:


Email Sequences

Social Media Posts

Press Releases

Product Descriptions


How to work with me

  • Send me an email, or schedule a call. Either way, we’ll discuss who you are, what you do, and what you need from me. Then I’ll craft some packages and prices tailor-made for you. Once you’ve seen what I have to offer and signed on the dotted line, we can get started.

  • You fill in my magical Client Brief. I will dive deeper into your brand values, and customers, and the whys, whats, and whos. We will work out what you need, how to do it, and what will work the best, then I will create your content.

  • I get the finished draft back to you, ready for your approval. We can go through and make sure you're happy, and you can ask how to power up your words further. Then spread the love, and speak to me about what else I can help you with. Many clients are repeat clients, and that’s the way I like it.

I Need Content Writing!



800-word Blog

  • Starting at $299 for an SEO blog of 800 words, less or more word blog packages packages available
  • FREE editing and proofreading service with any package
  • Customisable packages with other services to suit you and your business
  • On-going retainers available for Priority Scheduling

Email Sequences

  • Starting at $649 for 5-email sequence; welcome, nurture, conversion, ongoing
  • FREE editing and proofreading service with any package
  • Ask about available sequences and ongoing packages
  • Package up with blogs/social media posts and website copy for the ultimate package

Social Media Content

  • Starting at $399 for a month of social media posts, content only, when themes are provided
  • FREE editing and proofreading service with any package
  • Boost your social marketing efforts with regular interesting and engaging posts for FB and Insta
  • Double up with a Strategy Package if you're at a loss as what to post

Get your marketing content sorted today