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Who is behind Pro Writings. Who is Sarah White?

July 14, 2020

Who is behind Pro Writings I am one of those people who always think of the best response, or the right words to say, after the fact. And not even the funniest one-liner either. Just an ok, oh-she-is-with-us line. So, it’s no surprise I’ve just thought of a good introduction now to share with you…

Telling stories is the most-effective way to market your brand

July 14, 2020

Story-telling in marketing Do you know the best, most effective marketing tool for your business? Story-telling. And do you know why that is? Because people buy from people, and telling your story is the best way to connect with your audience. Do you know who can teach you how to tell the best story? Children.…

What does a copywriter do and how do you know if they’re a good one or bad?

July 14, 2020

What does a copywriter actually do? Have you ever used a copywriter in your business? Do you even hand-on-heart know exactly what one is? If you don’t know, and you run a business, you probably don’t want to hold your hand up and admit you’re not entirely sure what a copywriter does. But you’re not…