Hi, I'm Sarah White, copywriter and editor

I know how it feels to always be chasing your tail, shouldering the mum-guilt at using Netflix as a babysitter again, and looking for that elusive life/work balance. By powering up words and creating compelling, captivating content, I help busy, overwhelmed business women achieve the freedom of more time AND a growing business. The holy grail of business for boss-mums everywhere.

I make your words work harder, so you don’t have to

Imagine if you woke up to overnight sales, all whilst you slept.

What about an inbox bursting with ideal clients champing at the bit to work with you?

Even sales of your book rocketing to the top of Amazons Best Sellers List?

All that is possible…with the right words.

Words that are true, authentic, compelling. And concise, strong, and clear.

Making your words work harder

Just call me Copy Jockey

I’m a racehorse jockey, turned editor, turned copywriter. Sprinkle in wife, mum, swim teacher, chef, dog-walker, and other random titles, too.  Like you, I wear all the hats.

Slightly funky life journey, I know. But who said your journey through life had to be straight, boring, and uniform? I guarantee that every one of you fabulous biz owners reading this will have an equally cool story to tell.

And that’s what we need to do, tell that story. Bring what you have to offer to the table and help others do the same, right?!

Think back to when you were in your early 20s. You had dreams and goals for your life, I’m sure?

Now, look at where you are today. Does it match?

My life now could not be further from what I thought it would be.

Where it all began

If we go back to the beginning, I was brought up in a lovely part of England, and despite having parents who had no interest in horses, I was pony mad. At the age of 9, she came into my life; a 4-legged, beautiful, patient old soul who kickstarted my competitive edge, and highlighted my failings, in equal measures.

Cue 20 years of many 4-legged friends, confidants, soul mates, and heartbreakers. Some came and went, and much like people in our lives I couldn’t connect with all of them. Some I disliked. Some I had in my life through significant birthdays, significant others, and significant hairstyles. Some came into my life for a reason, and left again abruptly, changing the beat of my heart forever.

But the point is. That is where I thought my life would go. And for nearly three decades, it did. Horses were my thing, and I didn’t need, or necessarily want, anything else.

But, things happen. Times change. For me, it was meeting my partner and moving to New Zealand, and having four kids. They’re great, but they do interfere with the early hours and tough work of riding racehorses!

Sarah White copywriter and editor

And I decided, I didn’t want to leave my children in the care of others while I lined the pockets of someone else, and I didn’t want to have just any old job if I couldn’t ride horses! I didn’t like anything else, I wasn’t much good at anything else, and I wasn’t prepared to settle.

So, I made my own job.

I went back to study and got my Diploma in Editing and Proofreading, I developed my school-level English and did a whole heap more on copywriting, and I launched Pro Writings.

Compelling, winning copy for ambitious business owners like you, and my Unique Difference: a perfect, flawless, polished finish.

So here I am, living in a small town in New Zealand, with just memories of my beloved past horses adorning the walls of my house. I have had thrilling ups and traumatic downs, amazing times and tragic moments, but I now have something no one can take away from me. Success. Achievement. Contentment.

I wrote my story. Can I write yours?

And along the way in this nearly 4-decade journey to get where I am now, there have been significant moments who shape who I am today. And some that definitely don’t define me, because I haven’t let them. Moments to treasure, periods to forget, times to learn from and memories to cherish.

And that makes me qualified to sit here and listen to your story. Hey, I could even write it for you. No judgement. No bullshit. No disbelief. Just a sounding board or your story-teller. You choose. I’m here to help you tell your story and in turn, help you to help others with theirs.


Things you should know

  • I am obsessed with Friends – who isn’t? My eldest daughter is named Rachel, after ‘Rachel in Friends’
  • I quite happily handle rats, snakes and anything furry, feathered, or scaly, but a slug, snail, or worm crossing my path has me running screaming in the other direction (not quite, but, urrrgh)
  • I am a wee bit of an adrenaline junkie, and as well as galloping Thoroughbred racehorses and flying down hills on my road bike being my favourite things to do, I have sky-dived twice and probably will again
  • But surprisingly, I don’t like rollercoasters!
  • I have swum with seals, dolphins, and sharks (the seals and dolphins were in the wild, sharks in an aquarium)
  • I haven’t travelled as much as I wish I had. Maybe it’s a side effect to having four kids and an acute feeling of life flying by, but I have a list as long as my arm of places I’d love to visit
  • Even though I qualified in Agriculture with Land and Farm Management at uni, I have never used my degree, preferring instead to ride racehorses
  • I love chocolate. Let’s just say I couldn’t be a jockey again even if I wanted to
Sarah White copy jockey

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